Art & Culture

  • Laura Bustillos,
    Documentary FiImmaker

    Categories: Art & Culture
    Zone: The Americas

    A humanist millennial who delivers through ‘Transcending Borders’ story-telling with her documentary film making.

  • Francesca Kennedy, Designer
    Shift Maker

    Categories:   , , Humanitarian
    Zone: The Americas

    It all started during her trip to visit her grandfather in Guatemala and saw the lake she had frequently swan in during her childhood contaminated and children were drinking the water from.

  • Mia Morgan, Fashion Stylist
    Shift Maker

    Categories: Communications & Media , Art & Culture
    Zone: The Americas
    Mia Morgan is a world renowned fashion stylist working in the industry for over 15 years. She is best known for her work dressing some Hollywood’s leading ladies for photo shorts ranging from…