• Francesca Kennedy, Designer
    Shift Maker

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    Zone: The Americas

    It all started during her trip to visit her grandfather in Guatemala and saw the lake she had frequently swan in during her childhood contaminated and children were drinking the water from.

  • SirRoan Smiley on Permaculture 101

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    Zone: The Americas

    SirRoan Smiley gives unconditionally in his Permaculture 101, and on his design projects honoring nature, including details on the 4 season Bio Tech Solar Glass House in upstate New York. SirRoan Smiley is a Permaculture Design, Earthship Biotecture build and brand consultant…

  • Zoe Vokes & Olly Dee on Health Movement
    Millennial Presentation

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    Zone: Europe

    A Skype interview by CHOICE OF THE FUTURE with Zoe & Olly who generously shares through their own health issues that resulted in their “Wild Revolution” movement, embracing nature every step.Zoe Vokes: After being diagnosed with severe…

  • Zoe Vokes, Innovator

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    Zone:  Europe
    After being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue syndrome four years ago, Zoe embarked on a journey back to health – one that she was determined to make as natural as possible…