• Laura Bustillos,
    Documentary FiImmaker

    Categories: Art & Culture
    Zone: The Americas

    A humanist millennial who delivers through ‘Transcending Borders’ story-telling with her documentary film making.

  • Haile V. Thomas
    Health Advocate

    Categories: ,
    Zone:  The Americas

    Haile’s father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2008 which changed the course of her own life. Haile is just 14 years old (at the time of this interview in 2015).

  • Myrna Cunningham – Portrait Interview

    Categories:  Humanitarian
    Zone: The Americas

    Myrna (or Mirna) Cunningham, a former Chairperson of the United Nation’s Permanent Forum on Indigeneous Issues shares her voice on the future and the consciousness the world needs to be aware for a harmonious future.

  • Francesca Kennedy, Designer
    Shift Maker

    Categories:   , , Humanitarian
    Zone: The Americas

    It all started during her trip to visit her grandfather in Guatemala and saw the lake she had frequently swan in during her childhood contaminated and children were drinking the water from.

  • Arnaud Collery on Mining Happiness

    Categories: Communications & Media
    Zone: The Americas, Europe

    Arnaud Collery is a creative leader, entrepreneur, storyteller and adventurer. His purpose is to use his creativity to make a better world, to empower people to follow their passion, to recognize happiness as a priority. Arnaud launched Kikai Mining in NYC in 2014, an innovative happiness agency….

  • SirRoan Smiley on Permaculture 101

    Categories: ,
    Zone: The Americas

    SirRoan Smiley gives unconditionally in his Permaculture 101, and on his design projects honoring nature, including details on the 4 season Bio Tech Solar Glass House in upstate New York. SirRoan Smiley is a Permaculture Design, Earthship Biotecture build and brand consultant…

  • Paul Dupuy on “Pray” App
    Millennial Presentation

    Categories:   , Philosophy & Spirituality
    Zone: The Americas, Europe

    Hear this interview by Choice of the Future with a dynamic millennial Paul Dupuy who shares what inspired him to create this App and his path in creating Pray that unites people around the world in one platform.

  • Jitendra Kavathekar, Innovator
    Shift Maker

    Categories: Communications & Media
    Zone: The Americas
    A conscious visionary, watch what Jitendra Kavathekar has to share of his role in the world’s top consulting firm who bridges the gap of supply of innovations and to the demand side to apply…

  • Lynnda Pollio, Writer
    Shift Maker

    Categories: Communications & Media, Philosophy & Spirituality
    Zone: The Americas
    Lynnda Pollio was in the marketing & advertising field for a couple of decades, a pioneer who spread-headed conscious business and communications initiatives to her…

  • KristinAnn Janishefski, PR Agency Owner
    Shift Maker

    Categories: Communications & Media
    Zone: The Americas
    A must listen on how to build a successful sustainable and social good fashion PR Agency and how to be an example to influence sustainability as a necessary component as the industry evolve…

  • Mia Morgan, Fashion Stylist
    Shift Maker

    Categories: Communications & Media , Art & Culture
    Zone: The Americas
    Mia Morgan is a world renowned fashion stylist working in the industry for over 15 years. She is best known for her work dressing some Hollywood’s leading ladies for photo shorts ranging from…

  • Dr. Michael Marinaccio

    Categories: Education
    Zone: The Americas

    Dr. Michael Marinaccio is formerly the Dean King Graduate School. Before his association with Monroe College and The Institute, Dr. Marinaccio served as an Air Force Officer and Combat Navigator followed by…