• Arnaud Collery on Mining Happiness

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    Zone: The Americas, Europe

    Arnaud Collery is a creative leader, entrepreneur, storyteller and adventurer. His purpose is to use his creativity to make a better world, to empower people to follow their passion, to recognize happiness as a priority. Arnaud launched Kikai Mining in NYC in 2014, an innovative happiness agency….

  • Zoe Vokes & Olly Dee on Health Movement
    Millennial Presentation

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    Zone: Europe

    A Skype interview by CHOICE OF THE FUTURE with Zoe & Olly who generously shares through their own health issues that resulted in their “Wild Revolution” movement, embracing nature every step.Zoe Vokes: After being diagnosed with severe…

  • Paul Dupuy on “Pray” App
    Millennial Presentation

    Categories:   , Philosophy & Spirituality
    Zone: The Americas, Europe

    Hear this interview by Choice of the Future with a dynamic millennial Paul Dupuy who shares what inspired him to create this App and his path in creating Pray that unites people around the world in one platform.

  • Zoe Vokes, Innovator

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    Zone:  Europe
    After being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue syndrome four years ago, Zoe embarked on a journey back to health – one that she was determined to make as natural as possible…