Projects Criteria

    • The project is free of any political or religious influence.

    • The project respects individuals.

    • The project is beneficial to a collective of individuals and it does not aim for personal success but a success for the benefit of the collective.

    • The project is innovative and it is unique.

    • The project expresses a new action path to resolve a problem or to implement a well defined opportunity.

    • The project has specific, measurable and quantifiable aims.

    • The projects has a timeline: it has a beginning, intermediate steps, and a purpose.

    • The project is financially independent or implements a actions that will allow access to this autonomy in a short time.

    • The project is run by independent, autonomous, responsible man and women.

    • The project inscribes in its own time tending to evolution.

    • The project is open to external communication knowing that the fruits of its experience will be useful for others.

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