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Francesca Kennedy, Designer
Shift Maker

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Need an inspiration to create a new business with a purpose?
Francesca shares her water mission path that led IX Style shoes its inception, IX means water in Mayan language.

It all started during her trip to visit her grandfather in Guatemala and saw the lake she had frequently swan in during her childhood contaminated and children were drinking the water from. Many artist and intellectuals had described Lake Atitlan “one of the most beautiful lakes in the world” that was not the pretty picture Francesca saw in 2011.
Prior to landing in Guatemala that very trip, Francesca had picked up a book at the airport called Start Something That Matters by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie – no coincidence here.

IX Style has since supported many communities by donating partial proceeds of shoes purchased to the Water Mission in Guatemala with Asociacion Puente – Spanish for Bridge Association. The organization provides education, primarily to women, on health and the use of filtration system for clean water.
Also through their Green Commitment a tree is planted with each pair purchased.

Francesca’s philanthropic sole as the Financial Times had perfectly titled the article on her, has also revived the local artisans craftsmanship that has influenced a great deal to the new socially conscious standard to the Mayan indigenous trade in Guatemala.

Francesca was featured in OneStitchCloser #WomenInspire by Gap, https://youtu.be/MSS2bVnEOug

Learn more about the company and how you can support, visit: ix-style.com