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Laura Bustillos,
Documentary FiImmaker

Categories: Art & Culture
Zone: The Americas

A humanist millennial who delivers through ‘Transcending Borders’ story-telling with her documentary film making.

A co-founder of Femme Frontera with other six women film makers, a platform created to tell stories of communities who live in the border of their home countries that has now evolved to different countries. With a mission also to educate people in their communities in film making with their own devices.

Laura grew up between the U.S. and Mexico borders which with her own personal experience motivated her to documenting films as her own internal process coping with the issues that began her path in film making.

The heartfelt captures through Laura’s depth shares gripping stories of families separated by a border. And at the same time reveals the borders we as human beings may have and could uncover.

Laura dreams of “a world one day will have no borders” that through her work of transcending her own borders will mend her ancestry lineage who experienced those issues and she hopes that the future generation will not have to deal with the issues of borders.