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Lynnda Pollio, Writer
Shift Maker

Categories: Communications & Media, Philosophy & Spirituality
Zone: The Americas

Lynnda Pollio was in the marketing & advertising field for a couple of decades, a pioneer who spread-headed conscious business and communications initiatives to her Fortune 100 clients. And created the world’s first title as a Chief Consciousness Officer for an internationally renowned future-focused strategic marketing consultancy firm.
Lynnda completed her first novel “Trusting the Currents” in 2013 and received the Nautilus Gold Award in 2014.

1. What was the defining moment that lead you to the vision in pursuing your field of expertise?
2. How will your area of expertise impact the future?
3. What are the main problems related to your area of work?
4. What are the challenges/obstacles you face in your field of expertise?
5. How do they impact your goals for the future?
6. What is working?
7. What are the opportunities and benefits?
8. What are the main limiting factors?
9. Who are the key architects for the future of your field? What are their positions and what have been their most crucial contributions?
10. What challenges do you foresee younger generations facing in the future of your field?
11. If you were given three wishes for the future of your field, what would they be?