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Paul Dupuy on “Pray” App
Millennial Presentation

Categories:   , Philosophy & Spirituality
Zone: The Americas, Europe

Hear this interview by Choice of the Future with a dynamic millennial Paul Dupuy who shares what inspired him to create this App and his path in creating Pray that unites people around the world in one platform… to close the gap of separation to instill Oneness.


Born in Paris, and now residing in New York City, Paul is a self-taught entrepreneur who has had experiences in multiple startups. He has launched and managed Advertising, a company that distributes innovative online video ad technologies mostly in Asia. Paul then co-founded Zoo Uniform, a character-centric brand. Paul has been involved with Fancy since March 2012 and acts as the company’s representative in France. He is now spending his time building Pray.

Pray is the app that allows people to share their prayers with their friends and family.

Follow Paul Dupuy at http://www.getpray.com/

Credit: with gratitude to David Ho for filming, Tony Wong for production & editing.