• How do we build our future?

    It is imperative that each and every human being determines now what they want most for the future of this planet. We, as humanity, must unify our minds to draft new visions throughout the continents. Men, women, and truly representative groups will be offered a new platform to express and exchange ideas as well as to create opportunities to redefine the priorities for change. This is the purpose of « Choice of the Future » Global Foundation. The contributions of each person will help change the way the world is currently being run and lead humanity to a global CO-CREATION of our future.

    Humanity has entered into an extremely serious phase of transition that requires us to question ourselves in order to open up to new consciousness.

    Humanity must express its desire by making a « CHOICE » between the world of the Past and the world of the Future. As species, we have only just begun to explore what is truly possible when we work together.

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    Identifying, gathering and sharing the labelled actions

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  • Conversation on the Future Forum – Videos

    • Arnaud Collery on Mining Happiness

      Categories: Communications & Media
      Zone: The Americas, Europe

      Arnaud Collery is a creative leader, entrepreneur, storyteller and adventurer. His purpose is to use his creativity to make a better world, to empower people to follow their passion, to recognize happiness as a priority. Arnaud launched Kikai Mining in NYC in 2014, an innovative happiness agency….

    • SirRoan Smiley on Permaculture 101

      Categories: ,
      Zone: The Americas

      SirRoan Smiley gives unconditionally in his Permaculture 101, and on his design projects honoring nature, including details on the 4 season Bio Tech Solar Glass House in upstate New York. SirRoan Smiley is a Permaculture Design, Earthship Biotecture build and brand consultant…

    • Zoe Vokes & Olly Dee on Health Movement
      Millennial Presentation

      Categories:  ,
      Zone: Europe

      A Skype interview by CHOICE OF THE FUTURE with Zoe & Olly who generously shares through their own health issues that resulted in their “Wild Revolution” movement, embracing nature every step.Zoe Vokes: After being diagnosed with severe…

    • Paul Dupuy on “Pray” App
      Millennial Presentation

      Categories:   , Philosophy & Spirituality
      Zone: The Americas, Europe

      Hear this interview by Choice of the Future with a dynamic millennial Paul Dupuy who shares what inspired him to create this App and his path in creating Pray that unites people around the world in one platform.

  • The Future is ours…

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