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Zoe Vokes, Innovator

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After being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue syndrome four years ago, Zoe embarked on a journey back to health – one that she was determined to make as natural as possible. With no quick fix, Zoe decided to take matters into her own hands and learnt about diet and nutrition.

Zoe and her partner Olly Dee founded WILD REVOLUTION. http://www.wildrevolution.co.uk/

1. What was the defining moment that lead you to the vision in pursuing your field of expertise?
2. How will your area of expertise impact the future?
3. What are the main problems related to your area of work?
4. What are the challenges/obstacles you face in your field of expertise?
5. How do they impact your goals for the future?
6. What is working?
7. What are the opportunities and benefits?
8. What are the main limiting factors?
9. Who are the key architects for the future of your field? What are their positions and what have been their most crucial contributions?
10. What challenges do you foresee younger generations facing in the future of your field?
11. If you were given three wishes for the future of your field, what would they be?

Credit: Lynn Qi – Video Filming